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We believe that each and everyone has been gifted with some unique talent. We thrive to share and applaud real life experiences to inspire and motivate others to grow.

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About us

Soar2high has been founded by Aditi Agarwal in 2020. She wanted to inspire people by understanding and telling the real life achievements of others. Also Soar2high gives a platform to newcomers to give them recognition.

Motto: Our motto is to talk with common people who are not in limelight but are passionately working in their field of interest and are aspiring to achieve more and soar newer heights. We want to inspire and motivate more people by bringing forward the story of those who have started from scratch.

Featured Stories

These inspiring people have made their dreams to reality.

Pooja Singh

Pooja is the Founder at ‘Bhu Tatva’, a very interesting venture that deals with spices, papad, chips, cookies and a lot more which are all organic, some are homemade and others are directly brought from the farmer.

Preeta Pereira

Preeta is a Choreographer, a trained Kathak Ddancer, a Performer, a Coach, a Director and an Artist. Preeta is the Founder at Dancing With Preeta.

Rohit Agarwal

Rohit Agarwal is a pet photographer by profession and runs the page “Stills by Rohit”. He does professional photo shoots with pets and pet parents and has carved his niche in that sector.


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What people are saying about us

Wonderful endeavour to encourage and motivate. I am sure, in the coming years it will create an identity of its own.
Swati Daruka
Clinical Phychologist
Everyone has a story. It is never too soon and never too late to share it. Grab the opportunity to be heard by Soar2high.
Pooja Singh
Founder at 'justasyou'
A great initiative. It will definitely give platform to the newcomers and encourage the existing talent.
Shilpa Maroo
It's truly an influential platform for new ventures like mine. Was professional, courteous and interested to know. Great work. Great insights on folks who are dancing to their own tunes.
Pravin Ramachandran
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