Founder at 'Permanent Makeup By Ashmi Singhai'

Ashmi Singhai

Ashmi Singhai is an established Permanent Make Up (PMU) Artist and Educator, based in Mumbai,
India. Ashmi’s studio and brand go by the name ‘Permanent Makeup by Ashmi Singhai’. She aspires to be the India’s best PMU Artist. Passion for beauty led her to leave her Investment Banking job and start her own studio in 2018.

So, let’s have a brief look about Ashmi’s work and her professional journey. 

When Ashmi was working in a bank, she found the work to be monotonous and decided to leave her job without any further sorted out plan. At one time she thought to take up machine learning course but somewhere or the other she knew she would again land up working for someone, which was a big ‘NO’ for her.
She wanted to do something she is passionate about, something creative, something to help others and most important something she loves doing!!

During her break from work she happened to visit Thailand, and found that people there are inclined towards perfection in terms of looks. This inquisitiveness made her do a lot of research. Finally, she found the course that would suffice and opened her own studio in Mumbai in no time.

Her family has always been open minded and very free for girl/women working and taking up different professions.

Ashmi at work in her studio “Permanent Makeup by Ashmi Singhai”

In the span of almost 3 years she has attended approximately 700 clients.

Her first client was her mother. And definitely her first paid clent is memorable. Changing someone’s look which would be permanent is not easy, for that one has to have patience and perfectionism.

Ashmi is also training individuals in her studio and also learning different techniques to enhance her work.
Ashmi is very daring and inspiring, enjoys life to its fullest and loves her work.

Loves her work so much that she is completely engrossed to learn more and attend to more clients. Her family and friends take a back seat to watch her woking.

Ashmi wants to inspire others who are interested to take make-up as their profession. She believes every situation has both the aspects of good and bad. 

Visit Ashmi’s Facebook and Instagram pages to get connected. Also visit her website.

Listen to our conversation to know more about Ashmi’s journey, tips for success and what are Ashmi’s future plans.


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