Founder at 'boxes at 169' ,Baking Academy

Avni Patni Jain

Avni is the founder of ‘Boxes at 169’, runs a culinary academy in Bhopal.
Avni is a young enthusiast with a lot of dreams and determination. Her journey is full of learning, sacrifices and achievements.
She took up Architecture for her graduation and side by side was learning cooking. Eventually she developed interest in cooking and baking. With architecture she continued to learn cooking. She also travelled to a lot of cities to learn cooking.

Avni firmly believes in putting hardwork and dedication to attain success. She has very well balanced her family life and professional lie. She went with the flow of the norms of her family and once she gained some success she was in a position to speak up.

She got the opportunity to write a culinary column for a leading newspaper ‘Adbhut Abhivyakti’  in her learning days itself. This boosted her confidence and kept her moving. She runs her own baking and cooking Academy which is very well known in Bhopal. She is also actively taking online classes and workshops to teach a lot of cuisines. 

Soon she started her bakery shop! But when she wanted boxes for the same she faced a lot of problems, so to get rid of the day to day shortage and material of boxes she started manufacturing it as well!

She runs a boxes company ‘ Boxes at 169‘ and has customers in 20 different states in India. Also she exports them to a few countries. Her boxes are custom made and are beautiful and perfect for the bakery items. 

Avni is full of life and energy. It was truly lovely connecting with her over an online conversation. There is a lot to learn from this conversation about planning one’s future, grooming yourself and taking decisions at the right time.

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