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Christopher D'cruz

Christopher D’cruz is the founder at Junkyard creations, where he uses recycled pallet wood.

Christopher D’Cruz has worked for the telecom industry for 14 years. Then he quit his job in 2009 to pursue his passion to run a restaurant. But then it got too stressful for him in handling the day to day issue of the restaurant and shut it in 2019.

After shutting his restaurant he took up carpentry to de-stress himself. He started with lamps and tables which came out very well. He also gave a try to a few furniture like a folding chair which becomes a ladder, tables and stools. He has now taken carpentry as a full time profession and building a mark of his own. 

55 Gallon Drum Smoker with Heat Resistant Paint

He recycles as much as possible. Most of his furniture is made from recycled pallet wood.He doesn’t use any paint for the furniture he makes. He uses stainers, which retain the textures and patterns of the wood and still add colour.

He is an amateur carpenter with lots of enthusiasm to learn and create new things out of ‘JUNk’. His intention is also to upcycle things like drums, wood pieces and glass bottles.

Though he took up carpentry as a passion but has now started taking orders for the same.

He is also adding people who are passionate to learn carpentry from scratch and is willingly sharing the profits.
He is an inspiration for many. He never gives up on things and always wants to learn more and achieve more. 

We wish him success and happiness in his new jouney.

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To know the journey of Junkyard Creations listen to our conversation!

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