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Dr. Sreeson Gopinath

Dr.Sreeson Gopinath is a professional handwriting expert. He is associated with a lot of colleges across India. Dr.Sreeson Gopinath is a Management Graduate and a Research Fellow at Trinity University of Dublin.
Also, is the Founder at Veda education, Centre of Educational Initiative Research on Handwriting programs. He, along with his colleagues, has invented the Manicule Memory board for handwriting improvement which is being used across the globe.

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Dr.Sreeson has conducted hundreds of free workshops to more than seven thousand teachers across India and created a Handwriting Lab Program which is scientific in nature and easy to implement for schools.

At present more than 300 schools are associated with Handwriting Lab. Dr. Sreeson is an extremely learned man who is focused not only in his profession but is also involved in many other activities. 

He truly believes print style should not be followed, as it is for printing rather than for human hands. Cursive writing is something which should be used for writing.


During the conversation, he highlighted a few points worth knowing. Writing more will not help in a good handwriting, rather trained handwriting is required. If writing is not good then something is wrong with writing training.
When kids learn one letter a day, Dr. Sreeson believes it is a matter of less than an hour to learn to write properly/correctly.

He showed the Manicule Memory Board which makes learning and improving handwriting in a methodological way.
This is truly something which the kids should be definitely trained. ‘Tick up and tick down’ is a simple technique from which practicing handwriting will become easy. At Veda handwriting kit, they have well formulated kits which helps to improve their handwriting. Visit to buy handwriting kits.

Listen to our conversation, to know more about the Manicule Memory Board, why the doctors have such handwriting and some tips to corrects your handwriting in a easier way. 


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