Life Coach/ Founder at Vibha Education Services Corp

Harini Ramarathnam

Harini Ramarathnam is the Founder at Vibha Education Services Corp. She Is a Personal transformation Coach, Students and Parents Life coach and a Life Skill Trainer.
Harini has been in this field since 16 years and is doing a tremendous job to motivate, guide and train individuals to have a happier life.  Harini has improved communication between parents and children, conducted workshops to overcome stress, anger, fear and anxiety, offered teacher training programs, guided women to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Harini’s prgrams are Accredited by E-SAS INDIA International Educational Standards affiliated to International Accreditation and Assessment Council, USA.

Young Woman Entrepreneur Award (2020) By National Foundation of Entrepreneurship Development NFED, Coimbatore

Harini Ramarathnam has been felicitated with numerous Awards:
Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year(2020)
HerRising Women Restarter Award (2019)
Top 150 SmE Women Entrepreneur Award (2019)
The lioness-Best Trainer Award(2018)
Ratna Bharat Award 2020


Harini Ramarathnam’s Journey is an inspiration to many. The challenges Harini went through her life is immense and the way she managed them all is very inspiring.

Harini was a tuition teacher while doing MCA in 2002, she has done BSC maths, was handling physics, chemistry, maths biology were part of her tuition subjects. After her studies her parents decided to get her married and complete their responsibility. After her marriage she continued taking tuitions.

In 2011 she with her family shifted to Thailand and found a lot of cultural differences, though she underwent a cultural training but was not able to adjust there and also was not able to continue taking tuitions. 

There were a lot of challenges she had to face in Thailand. She took a back seat as she was not able to work on her strengths, that’s the time she went under a lot of stress, missed her culture, meeting people, food change and education difference was a big challenge for her.
She was invited to her daughter’s school to teach Mathematics but because of  language difference she was not able to take up this opportunity. Her health also started deteriorating because she was not comfortable in that environment and was not prepared for an experience like this. Fortunately, her husband got the opportunity to go back to India just after a year.
As soon as she came back, within a week she started taking maths classes and started getting back to her normal life.

A big realization was how to work under crises is something we don’t learn in school and she started talking to her tuition kids to make them face the exam with confidence.

Harini was inspired by her tuition teacher and that’s why she decided to become a tuition teacher and teach some life skills she learnt from her teacher.

Harini made a module for the kids to train them in life skills with just 2-3 children in the first batch. She realised she is not a trainer but a teacher So, she went through lots of self training sessions and courses to improvised on her training skills.

Harini felt she should enlighten people (women and children) because she could empathise with them very well to face the reality by her set modules and training.

‘Vibha’ is a place where they train individuals to deal with ups and downs of life. Visit Vibha for more details about her work.

During the conversation we further discussed her best experience as a life coach, the need of life coaches and her numerous experiences.
Do take out time to watch our conversation to learn more about Life Coach Harini Ramarathnam



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