Kaanani Lakshmi

It was great knowing about KAANANI LAKSHMI and her journey.She is a self-made entrepreneur and designer. She has beautifully designed a multipurpose bag with pockets, also a cotton tent house which is easy to clean and is eco friendly. She began her journey of designing eco friendly products in 2020 and has got a very good response for it.            



Here is what she has to say about her journey.

“I am a graduate and a mother. My husband is into the service field and has no steady income. I have been seeing him for a decade who works round the clock but fails to pay the bills. Being a feminist I had to ask myself ‘Am I not equal to share his burden?’ Eventually, I started working to earn a few bucks. We were happy and started feeling safe and secure. Just for a couple of months life was looking beautiful and then came Covid- 19. I lost my job and again responsibility fell on my husband.

One day due to difficulties I had to sell my used item in free classified. In a day I could sell and get the money. Then the idea of selling came to my mind. But sell what? This was a big question.. When my mind started searching for saleable items. I realized anything unique is easy to sell. One lead to another. Later I found a lady tailor who was also struggling to keep up with her expenses and employees. I researched on the internet and zeroed on a design which came out very nice. As there is awareness regarding eco friendly products this bag is the right item. I felt very nice after the sample bag was made and ended up doing this. Though income is not very high but a ray of hope and kind of satisfaction is driving me forward.”

The way she has grabbed the opportunity is worth learning and appreciating.

To shop items made by her click below:

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