Cyclist/poet/Travel Blogger

Kanishka Poddar

I truly believe that every passion has its own cycle which directs it to its end goal. I like interacting with people and their experiences. Every birth has a story behind, in the same way every start has its own story.

To share such a story we had with us a cyclist, a travel blogger, a reader, an artist, a chef, a poet and to complete it – a Monday lover.

His cycling journey started in 2016 when he came across a Spanish cyclist who wanted to buy a cycle. At that time he found it little weird but a little later he was falling in love with cycling!

Traveling has always been the balancing factor in the juggle between work and life for him. Kanishka runs a design studio for men’s ethnic wear in his hometown Ranchi, India and finds solace in cycling across cities, counties and beyond.

Kanishka has played a vital role in connecting the Cycling community in Ranchi and in increasing the ridership on the streets. He is also working with local government and authorities towards making the streets safer for cyclists. 

Kanishka shared a very small part of his cycling experience with us which was indeed inspiring and interesting, He has slept in a police station, in a no man’s land on mountains to name a few. A very interesting thing I found in his blog was the wedding he attended in Vietnam in between his cycling journey. 

He begins his cycling journey alone but makes friends on the way and is enjoying his life completely. He has got life lessons from cycling across the globe.

Don’t miss seeing his blog which is so very interesting with his experiences, pictures and adventures put together like a reel !!

I had a great time talking to him and knowing his journey. You will totally love the candid talk we had.

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