Paushali Chakraborty

Paushali Chakraborty with a family friend, Souparna Roy Chaudhary has co-founded an organisation wherein they take care of the elderly citizens who don’t have their children by their side to do so.

It all started when they felt that the elderly are left alone and it’s very difficult for them to take care of certain needs. So they started understanding the areas which need to be given attention and started getting members for POROSH to assist them with multiple needs.

POROSH takes care of the medical, emotional or any other assistance which the elderly or their kid feel should be taken care of.
POROSH also got permission from the West Bengal Police to work even during the lockdowns.
Porosh is dedicated to its members 24*7 and is very well taking care of its members.

For the founders of ‘Porosh’, the satisfaction which they get by helping the elderly in any small way is far more than earning a big amount. 

Glimses of POROSH’s work.

Visit POROSH to get in touch with them or to know more about them  https://www.facebook.com/poroshkolkata

We wish success and luck for this beautiful venture, ‘POROSH’ , Paushali  Chakraborty and Souparna Roy Chaudhary to keep doing this exceptional work.

Listen to our conversation to know more about “POROSH’ .


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