Founder at Bhu Tatva and D Rockstar Dance Academy

Pooja Singh

Pooja Singh did Computer Science and then MBA, is also a professional dance teacher and choreographer. Recently she started ‘Bhu Tatva’, a very interesting venture that deals with spices, papad, chips, cookies and a lot more which are all organic, some are homemade and others are directly brought from the farmer. So, Bhu Tatva has a very interesting journey like why puja started Bhu Tatva and what is the reason and concept of Bhu Tatva.
It was great to know Pooja and the journey behind her passion and venture.

Here is an excerpt from an interview conducted by “Soar2high”:

Why and what made you start with Bhu Tatva? Well, I’m sure there must be some reason why you started it.

So everybody has gone through this pandemic and the current phase which is again really tough for everyone. Right? When we came to Bangalore last year, we found difficulty in getting pure spices so that’s when I started researching and looking for authentic places to get these spices. Though we just started sourcing for my family only but found a lack of awareness and scope in this field. These days we all are concerned for our health and are ready to spend a little more out of budget to get pure healthy products. We started for ourselves but soon realised our passion for these products and also making others aware of it.

What is the Rockstar Dance Academy about and how and when did you start it?

That’s another story I would say. That’s interesting because I am a very career conscious person. But being married at just 23, having my first baby thereafter at 26, another one at 30, it was impossible for me to even think about Dance. Because dance was always my hobby and a little boost and trust from my husband helped me a lot to start with my own academy. Soon I started teaching small kids and then to elders and soon choreographed for marriages. Born and brought up in a Rajput family, it was not easy to take up dance and study so much. But the appreciation and support of my husband made it possible.

How is Bhu Tatva different from other people who are selling spices or homemade products? Or what special ingredient you’re putting  into Bhu Tatva to make it special.

It’s a family supported venture and also my family is taking care of a lot of things. We hand pick the products, get it lab tested and pack it at home and moreover there are no middle men taking care of the things, this helps in reducing the cost as well. What we eat, we are offering to our customers. We make sure that we don’t compromise with the quality. The products that we have are fresh due to which they don’t lose their medicinal properties. Also, we make our customers educate about the medicinal properties of the spices.

Dealing with farmers and everything yourself as you are doing it yourself. So is that a big challenge, you know, to interact with them and get the deal done.

I would say, nothing is tough in this life, but nothing is easy in life.
Once I started calling farmers and wholesalers, they were like ‘Oh, you will talk, there are no men in the business’ but I am like I am the one dealing here. It’s difficult to explain to the growers/farmers  the benefits in selling the products to us directly but gradually they have digested that Pooja mam is handling the buying and payment related part. Even it was difficult to get the trust of small farmers as we were giving more than they used to get from other big wholesalers.

Products from Bhu Tatva

What was the first month for you? How was that? Was it stressful or it was an exciting moment for you and your family ?

Initial days were tough with the kids at home and lockdown at its peak and deciding where to buy and whom to approach. To look for farmers and not wholesalers. Calling the farmers, understanding different aspects of this business from them, was a learning in itself. The days were tough but the positive forces helped me pass those days and make a name of Bhu Tatva in this competitive world.

To order or know more about Bhu Tatva visit their Website. To know more about the D Rockstar Dance Academy visit You Tube Channel.

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