Founder at FabriKolor/Engineer

Ram Chavan

Ram is an Engineer and Founder of FabriKolor. He is currently working as a Senior Product Management Analyst in Comscore Technologies, Pune and has a total of 6 years of work experience.

His story started when he was working on software and printing them on paper, that’s when he thought of printing them on t-shirts. He tried experimenting with different patterns and soon got involved in natural dyes. He researched at his home from vegetable skins and he really enjoyed the colours which he was getting on his own clothes.

He is working on natural Dyes and garment production with proven leadership and mentoring skills. He has involved the local women and trained them for 2 months with the dyeing process. FabriKolor dyes organic cotton for the garment industry. They have got some very good customers in a very short span and are thriving to expand to cater to more companies.

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