Founder at Book Mark Library

Rashmie Soni

Rashmie is the Founder of Book Mark Library- a place for all age groups, a place which is full of knowledge and entertainment. Book Mark is a library which was started 12 years back with just 700 books and now has more than 8000 books!! Rashmie is an ardent reader and writer. She loves sketching and is fond of music. She is extremely dedicated to her library and keeps improvising on it.

Book Mark was started by Rashmie and her friend, Shilpa with an intention to provide a nice collection of books, both fiction and non-fiction in Visakhapatnam where the availability of libraries was very lean 12 years back.

During the 12 years of the library, Rashmie had many times thought of closing her library but her passion and good intention helped her to survive the bad times.

Book Mark Library with its Members!

During the lockdown, Rashmie did face a lot of challenges especially when she had to vacant her library and move to a new location. But her passion and with the support of her members she stood strong. Her new library is more spacious and easy to access.

The members of the ‘Book Mark’ Library are attached with the library so much that they even make decorations for it and helped in setting up when they moved to a new location recently.

With ever increasing books and activities that Rashmie keeps on doing, Book Mark Library in Vishakhapatnam is one of the favourite places for its members. In this era of digitization, a Library like Book Mark is keeping the essence of reading alive.

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Listen to our energetic conversation to know the journey of a Rashmie Soni in running a private library.

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