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Rufus Royce D'Silva

Born and brought up in Silvassa. UT of DNH, Rufus is just 24 years old and has made his name in the world of calligraphy in a very short span.

He came to Bangalore in the year 2014 to pursue a degree in hospitality from IIHM and was a department topper for Accommodation Operation. Started working at Shangrila Bengaluru in the flower room, gained interest in flowers and creative things. Didn’t find peace in the job he was doing, so decided to quit working and start his own brand Creative Facades in the year 2018.

Rufus is a Lettering artist and Digital creator, Calligraphy expert and Founder of Creative Facades and carries out  workshops and classes in name of ‘Lettering 360*’

Spunky Flourishing is also his concept which he has got the Trademark for.

His journey started when he was working in the flower room he came across a calligraphy workshop and found his love and interest for calligraphy. He is fond of flowers and gave time to learn more about flowers. He came up with an idea to merge flowers with Calligraphy. And that’s when Floriography took birth.
Floriography concept has been created by Rufus and also he has got the patent done for the same. Floriography is an art of writing on the petals and stems of the flowers. 

Sanjana Chitlani, from Bombay is his role model and he has learnt a lot from her in a workshop.

Lettering 360* is a lockdown creation and start-up by Rufus D’Silva. He has enrolled 800 plus students in the last 6 months for the lettering 360 workshop. More than 10 scripts he teaches to handwrite them and also to make the grid and to use it aptly. He has made these modules very affordable so that money may not be the reason for not learning Calligraphy.  

Being from a middle class family, leaving his job at Shangri La Hotel, working on something new, getting a patent done at the age of 24 and making his own name in the field of Calligraphy is just so inspirational and worth acknowledging.

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He aims at opening the first Floriography studio which will be the first in the world.

Soar2high wishes more success, name and fame for Rufus. Listen to our conversation for more insights.  


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