Urban Designer/Curator at Waste Less Project

Saritha Sudhakaran

Saritha is an urban designer and curator at ‘Waste Less Project’. She is actively involved in creating awareness and planning the city for a better future. She did her undergraduate degree in Architecture, masters in Urban Design and curator at Waste Less Project.

Saritha believes in sustainable living and to a large extent is practicing the same. Savitha is a freelance urban designer and is working as an advisor with Goa Municipality for the better solutions in handling wastes of the town and the nearby villages.


She believes in cleaning the mess created by one should be cleared by them only.
She strictly realised the importance of waste management and is ready to help people to be aware of the environment and how to deal with the waste generated by us humans.

Curated a ‘Waste Less Project’ for a period of 12 weeks where she taught different solutions and scaled up the situation in 2019. Did 3 different batches for it.
Now she is reinventing this workshop with more ideas and to reach out to more audiences. Follow her on her Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/wastelesspro/) for instant notifications about her workshops.

Though sustainability is a very big topic ranging from economical resources, ecological aspect , minimising usage of natural resources, biological effect, maintaining the same rate of usage of natural resources for future generations, composting at home, making your own thing, conscious about the consumption and thinking about future generation.

Sustainable living is a new concept and we all should understand the concept and start practicing it in any small way possible for us.

Practicing sustainability is not easy, it involves living with minimum resources and recycling what you have used.
Using eco friendly items will not alone help to live a sustainable life but also to consider where it came from and how it was made.

She firmly believes that each one of us have to put in their effort to create a better future and take care of Mother Earth.

Let’s us join hands to make EARTH better planet to live in.

Listen to our conversation for some interesting information.

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