Martial Artist/Dietitian/Nutritionist/Kathak Dancer/Choreographer

Shibayan Ganguly

Shibayan Ganguly is a Martial Artist and Self Defence Instructor, dietitian, sports nutritionist, wellness coach and fitness consultant, a Kathak Dancer( with basic training in jazz and tap ) and choreographer. Shibayan is multi talented because of his passion to learn, improvise and continuous dedication.

Highlights about his achievements and work.

In the field of Martial Arts-

Shibayan is a 4th Dan Black belt in Kyokushin Karate ( Fullcontact Karate), has completed 40 fights to achieve it, is also Asian Champion in Karate and secretary of the National Organization, a black belt instructor of Kalahi Filipino Martial Arts and Chief  Instructor of India. A senior practitioner of Bengali Martial Arts ( Lathi Khela )
He is the person behind the project Atmaraksha and has also provided training to Kolkata Police. With much perfection and dedication he has also choreographed fight sequences for Tollywood Films

In the field of Dietetics-

Shibayan is the Chief Dietitian of Kyokushinkai India and Shivaji Ganguly’s Academy mind & body. Also, was the former dietitian of KPC MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL. He is sports nutritionist and Fitness consultant for many gyms and health clubs

In the field of Dance-

Shibayan is the disciple of Pt. Rajendra Gangani and former disciple of Dr Mitul Sengupta.
Shibayan is a gold medallist in Kathak and holds different awards and titles ( like ” stars of tomorrow ” , Giridhari Nayak Nritya Samman) . He has performed in countries like Denmark, Belarus, China , sweden , Philippines etc .

When I asked Shibayan what is the secret behind such an impressive life journey, he mentioned about his Father’s training and his role in Karate in India. From the age of 3yrs. Shibayan used to go to his father’s training institute where he started learning Karate.

Shibayan is a natural dancer since childhood. After doing, he secretly learnt classical dance and found his inner passion. He took up Kathak as his profession, and went to different countries to represent India.

Visit Shibayan’s Facebook pages- and for more details or to get in touch with him.

Shibayan Ganguly’s extravagant performances.

The conversation I had with him is very informational and inspiring. Also a very small glimpse of his performance has been attached. Listen to our discussion below:  

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