Organic Aroma

Shivi Goyal

Shivi is the Founder at Organic Aroma, a nature lover and has since childhood been attached with the environment. She involves her daughters with her during composting and in the process of making bio-enzymes.

In 2020 she started studying and practicing about enzymes, composting and home made products.

She saw that there is a lot of difference between home made compost and the fertilizers she used to get from the market. The quantity and quality she got after using the home made compost was credible as compared to what she used to harvest earlier.

She is growing organic vegetables in her garden, and realized the importance of organic products.

She has made bio-enzyme to fight pests and is doing research on how to make different kinds of pests control enzymes. Also she plans to make many more products which are used in day to day basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                 To visit her Facebook Page visit .

Shivi has very beautifully explained how best we can use the flowers after offering to God. Watch the video to know how!

Her main focus is on the composting, making bio-enzymes, lessening the uses of plastic and being sustainable as much as possible.

She suggested how to make bio-enzymes, the importance of segregation and the easy process to make compost at home with the waste created at home.

She is learning these and is thriving to master these aspects and later help others also to practice these at home.


If you are unaware of these aspects and don’t know from where to begin with then don’t miss watching our conversation !!

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