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One of the primary things tourists look for while in a new place is the food. Where to eat and how good is the hotel? In your native, you know which is the cleanest and tastiest hotel around. But in a new place, you have to trust the locals. Then comes the waiting time. You have probably gone a trip during the holidays and that is when everyone has arrived. The waiting time at hotels can be excruciating and you wish there was an easier way to do this. This is where “Kauwwa” comes in.

“Kauwwa” is a food application which is centered around suggesting good hotels around the travel route, and also gives an option to pre-order the food while you reach there for takeaway. It is run by three entrepreneurs and is currently focussed on Bihar. 


Here is an excerpt from the interview with Kunal Raj, founder of “Kauwwa” ; Vishal Raj, the managing director ; and Prakash Kumar, the CEO:

How did the idea for “Kauwwa” come from?

Kunal: We used to always go out of station for business purposes. The main concern always was where to stay and where to eat. Generally, on highways there is always a concern regarding which hotels provide the best food and service. Without any prior knowledge regarding them, when we visited these hotels, we had to wait a lot. There were also quality issues with the food. So I thought of an app where there can be pre-booking as well information about the quality of food. 

What is the reasoning behind naming the company “Kauwwa”? We never get to hear such quirky names. 

Prakash: When we were going on tours and faced this problem, we had to come up with a solution. Once we did, we researched a lot about the prevalence of the problem, like was it a one time thing or does it happen often to other people as well. Once we got our inferences, we had to come up with a unique name for our app. Name matters a lot. We discussed a lot of names. We came to a conclusion that we are sort of like messengers. So we decided to keep a name that is related to this concept. And the word “Kauwwa”(crow) is pretty common among the people and hence sticks in the minds of the public. So we kept the name as “Kauwwa”. 

What are the steps involved in the app?

Vishal: Once you sign in to the app or website, it will ask you for the destination. Then it will show all the restaurants on the way to the destination. You can select the restaurant and food items. The last step is the payment which has two options : Cash on Delivery and Online.

What is the one unique element about “Kauwwa”?

Kunal: Firstly we solve the problem of choosing the hotel and waiting for seating in a new place. Secondly, the other food apps that exist always increase the price of the food from the table menu when they show online. This doesn’t happen in “Kauwwa”, the table menu is the online menu as well. 

Prakash: None of the existing food delivery apps function outside city limits. All of them do not cater from the roadside vendors. With “Kauwwa” we are bringing this service outside the city, onto the highways and small towns. The problems city-folk face exist outside the city as well. So we are trying to bring that. We will start delivery soon as well. Right now it is take-away based. 

Vishal: Lot of these delivery apps charge high amounts of commissions from these restaurants and hotels. We charge a small amount. And, there is zero waiting time for our customers. They can just pre-book their food and go to the restaurants and pick it up. 

What is the plan for “Kauwwa” in the future?

Vishal: The plan is to take it to a Pan India level. 

Prakash: Right now we are in the process of onboarding restaurants. We are working currently only in Bihar, the aim is for Pan India. Around five hundred restaurants have already been onboarded and their feedback is amazing as well. This solves their problem as well. When a lot of customers arrive during peak hours, it is difficult for them to manage. Here, they are getting information that customers would be arriving soon and hence they can plan and manage well. So the feedback has been very positive.

Kunal: We will have about a thousand restaurants onboarded in Bihar itself. We will then launch the app around the first week of February. 

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