Winner, Super Kid India 2021

Vanya Jain

With the closing of schools and the contingency of online classes, the children really missed out on one thing : cultural activities. Schooling is not just for syllabi and some of the main attractions of school time are the various competitions and cultural programs.

Our old friends Ruchi Singh and Anushree Khowala from “Buddy For Travel” hosted a competition for children called “Super Kid India 2021”.  The children could perform various activities in a month-long competition. The winner of “Super Kid India 2021” was announced recently and the competition was won by Vanya Jain.

Listen more about Buddy and Super Kid India 2021 which we had a month back .


Here is an excerpt from an interview with the founders and Vanya Jain (joined by her mother Srishti Jain) :

How was your experience of “Superkid India 2021”?

Anushree: It was exhilarating. Seeing these cute kids and how multi-talented each and every participant was very enriching. Everyone was so talented and amazing. We tried to test their abilities in different rounds and every time it felt like “who are we to judge these kids”. Especially our winner, Vanya, her storytelling skills are amazing. She narrated the entire story of Ramayana. It was surprising to see a child of four remembering all the characters and chapters.

Ruchi: I don’t think we could have asked for a better winner. Vanya deserved her trophy. We didn’t give her the award, she won it. Her video “Rocket to Future” where the kids tell what they want to be when they grow up, she said that she wants to be a good human being. That is a really interesting thought process.


Here is a small glimpse of the Super Kid India 2021 journey:

Vanya, what did you learn from the competition?

Vanya: I learned that we should do our best. And first and second is nothing.

Shrishti, did you have to convince her a lot to enter the competition?

Srishti: Not at all. I was just checking updates with “Buddy for Travel” and I registered almost at the last minute. It wasn’t difficult at all to get her on board because she is always ready to try things. I asked her and she said “Okay mama, let’s go”. She is always ready. The process was really easy and it became a family experience. Each round was an opportunity to bond and get to know her interests better. We had never asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up because it is too early. But her answer really surprised us. We got to know she was really interested in story telling.


Was it easy to handle her and record the videos for each round?

Srishti: Yeah it is always easy. She is very clear about what she wants. In general too, she is always very decisive about her wants and that she wants to eat this or wear this. It is difficult to change her mind once she has made a decision. She knows what to do and she was very excited to do this. Every video she was eager and asking what to do, what to wear etc. We never had to make her do things. She was always punctual and clear.


It was a lovely journey of Super Kid India 2021. Wishing luck to Vanya for her future.

All the best to the team of Buddy and kudos for the the success of such and extravagant event!!

Listen to our conversation where all of us had so much to learn from the talented Vanya Jain.

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