Vimki Giria

Cooking is not only about preparing a dish it involves reading, calculation, adjusting quantities as per individual requirement, food chemistry, teamwork, time management, planning and organizing.

Vimki had a company called Meraki in which she handcrafted, designed and painted Zentangle shoes. She had to give up for some health reasons. She didn’t stop there. She had an interest in cooking which she mastered soon.

Gourmetised is a healthy culinary initiative started by Vimki Giria. She believes that – you are, what you eat. She has completed her vegan and vegetarian nutrition certification from the School of Natural Health Sciences, UK.

She has won a few cooking competitions as well. She has done menu consulting for a Cafe in Bangalore. Her @gourmetised blog page on FB and Instagram have healthy gourmet recipes, both Indian and International.
Her videos on Zayka Ka Tadka showcase simple daily cooking. And her monthly cooking classes at JustBe Cafe highlight vegan cuisine. She also does demos for clubs and at events, where she promotes gourmet style healthy cuisines. She recently launched her website which consists of her delicious recipes.

Recently she was also facilitated by the Indian health and wellness Council for raising Awareness about the Mega Movement Aimed to make India Healthier. The whole process of being selected consists of creating new recipes, creating awareness and being selected is just so inspiring.


In a very short span she has developed a name of her own amongst the food lovers. This is because of her dedication and wish to do something new by adding her twist in the recipes.
It was great talking to her. Don’t miss out the incessant talk I had with her.

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